Sunday, September 27, 2015

Matt Baker

Most people will remember Matt as Presenter of Blue Peter back in the day.
Before that he was a medal winning Gymnast.

Today Matt Baker is most well known as presenter of The One Show, Countryfile, Oh and of course competing in Strictly Come Dancing.

This is the 2nd time I have written to Matt. I did write to him last year but the letter must have gone astray as I didn't get a reply.

I am very pleased that I got a success this time and a good turnaround time too.

Sent           21/7/15
Received   18/9/15

Address Used
C/O Talent4Media
 LG16 Shepherds Building Central
Charecroft Way
W14 0EH

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sir John Hurt

Its a real honour to have received this from Sir John Hurt. As well as all the amazing stuff, Sir John is from my neck of the woods. It was awesome to see him as the Doctor in DrWho so I knew I had to get that first photo signed to go in my DW collection.

I was quite alarmed when I learned about Sir John's Cancer Diagnosis. He has the same cancer as my Father had. I am hoping he manages to get through it as we will be losing a major Legend !!

Sent           05/05/15
Received   09/07/15

Address used
C/O Independent Talent Group
40 Whitfield Street

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has had a great career so far. His roles have been so varied which shows just what a creative and talented actor he is.

I guess He is probably most known for his role as Bain in Batman

I wrote to Tom in April and received a reply in July so not a bad turnaround at all for a major Hollywood actor!

Sent           24/4/15
Received   01/07/15

Address Used
C/O United Agents Ltd
12-26 Lexington street

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Steve Coogan

Everyone knows Steve Coogan as the great Norfolk presenter Alan Partridge Knowing me Knowing you etc...

However, he has done loads of movies such as Around the world in 80 days, Percy Jackson, Night at the museum, Tropic Thunder, 24 hour Party People where he played the legend that is Tony Wilson.

Steve has also done tons of other characters in TV and in radio. He has also writen and directed tons of tv and radio too.

I wrote to Steve as I really wanted his autograph on a Percy Jackson poster but he didn't sign that he sent one of his own pics of Alan Partridge instead. Great return time though, just 2 weeks!!

Sent           05/05/15
Received   16/05/15

Address used ...

Steve Coogan
C/O Independent Talent Group
40 Whitfield St

Friday, July 17, 2015

Miranda Hart

I have been a fan of Miranda for many years. I think she is a great role model for girls.
Miranda is immensely talented, very funny and does a hell of a lot for charity.

I wrote to Miranda in May, sending 2 photos and the usual Stamped addressed Envelope.
I received a reply back 3 weeks later. That is fabulous as I had written to her before - a couple of years ago and I didn't get a reply back.

Miranda has written her own shows but it is her role in Call the Midwife that has brought her international fame and now she is a Hollywood Movie star alongside Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law and 50 cent LOL! in the movie SPY!

Sent           05/05/15
Received   26/04/15

Address Used :-
C/O Troika
10A Christina St,

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sophie Thompson

Sophie is such a lovely lady. She is a great actress too. Many people may remember her from the role she played in Eastenders of evil Stella who almost married Phil Mitchell until he killed her.

She has also been in Harry Potter and is the sister of actress Emma Thompson.

As you can see by the first pic, Sophie was this years celebrity Masterchef. 
I thought she was amazing on the show and really did deserve to win.

This was another quick turnaround of 2 weeks. Well Happy!!

Sent          28 April 2015
Received  16 May 2015

Address used
Sophie Thompson
C/O Independent Talent Group Ltd.

40 Whitfield Street



Sunday, May 10, 2015

Tom Daley

Tom Daley is our Great British Diving Legend. Although it is easy to forget he is still so young as he seems to have been around so long. He has had great success as a diver since winning his first medal in 2007.

I wanted to write to him ages ago but I wanted to let the excitement die down after the last olympics.
So glad I did as this was the fastest turnaround I have ever had even though I put a 2nd class stamp on the return envelope.

Well happy with this!!

Sent             05/05/2015
Received    09/05/2015

Address used

Tom Daley
C/O 7-9 Baker Street,
 KT13 8AF

A couple more Derby County Players.

I did not succeed in my mission to get signed photos of the whole DCFC squad and management this season but I did get a few more to add to the collection.

Cyrus Christie

Craig Forsyth

Kelle Roos

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Derby County Players Part 2

I have been trying to complete my mission of collecting the entire Derby County squad before the end of the season...

Almost there.